Beza speaks to Executives

He can articulate and communicate threat and vulnerability findings and recommendations clearly and concisely to all clients, from line engineers to “C” Level executives.

Beza speaks to General Staff

Beza explains complex emerging cyberthreats and strategies in straight forward and practical terms that both executives and general staff can digest and strategically apply.


Beza speaks to technical staff

He sees what hard-core technologists can not see in business, and he sees what business executives can not see in technology, be it contemporary or legacy threats.

M.Eng in Cybersecurity Policy & Compliance (Geogre Washington University), CISSP, CISM, MCSE

Over the past two decades, organizations have spent billions of dollars developing protection technologies to defend their critical information assets. However, large-scale data breaches are happening almost daily, and diverse actors are moving with lightning speed to steal money, intellectual property, valuable information, customer information, and state secrets. Several new breached databases are being sold in the dark web while we are complaining about non-existing cybersecurity skills gap which was caused by unrealistic job description that looks like a unicorn.

Our attackers don't care about education, experience, certification, type of industry one worked and all sorts of tricks that make it practically difficult for exceptionally talented people to come into the industry and defend our critical infrastructure.

We must close the recruitment gap, communication gap, and mentoring gap. We advertise for an entry level or junior level positions, and we demand CISSP - can only get it after years of work experience.

We demand 2 + years of experience and all sorts of skills junior professionals cannot practically accumulate in college or in a year. We have a seriously broken system in selecting, recruiting, and strengthening our cyber defense. Beza helps recruiters, job seekers, and senior management how to close their workforce challenges.


As CrowdStrike co-founder and former CTO Dimitri Alperovitch said back in 2016 , 'There are only two types of organizations: those that know that they've been hacked and those that don't yet know,' What sounded as a prediction then now is every business' reality. The SolarWind hack and its impact is the perfect example.


One of the biggest problems we face in the cybersecurity community today is communicating credible cyber threats, risks, vulnerabilities, sustainable strategies, and data breach consequences to firms' executives and general staff.


Mentored by top thought leaders in the industry with global experience that spans four continents, Beza designs and delivers actionable and compelling executive presentations to influence executives who drive strategies, employees who click that phishing link, and security staff that is experiencing unprecedented professional burnout..


Beza speaks to influence human behavior because often there is insufficient attention paid to the" people" equation. There is just no software patch for human error.


Beza believes that reducing the risk of breaches requires changing behavior and reducing the number of opportunities for people to make mistakes.


His insight and presentations will enable cybersecurity programs to be exponentially more prepared and subsequently more successful in preventing and detecting breaches.



The conventional compliance-driven awareness effort should evolve to a strategic effort to change organizational culture combined with enforceable policies and dependable technologies.


You need qualified and experienced master communicator to facilitate your next event.

Beza Belayneh Lefebo........................
Beza Belayneh Lefebo M.Eng., CISSP, CISM


Current Topics and Focus Areas -not exhaustive- Beza can speak:

Emerging Security Trends:

    - Threats & Vulnerabilities in the Cloud

    - SOAR

    - Blockchain Technology for Cybersecurity

    - XDR

    - Passwordless Authentication

    - APT

    - Zero-Day Brokers

    - Zero Trust Architecture

Emerging Security Threats & Expanded Attack Vectors:

    - Adversarial A.I.

    - "Cybersecurity Skills Shortage" or Cyber Unicorn skills shortage

    - Extortion & Ransomware

    - Covid-19 Fraud

    - Creative Phishing and social engineering

    - Mobile & Social Networks Risks

    - IoT risks mitigation

    - Supply Chain Risk

    - Emerging regulations

    - Hack Home to Hack the Office



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Receiving award in Kuwait

Beza is receiving an award from Mr. Hassan Faisal in recognition of his contributions to Kuwait's cybersecurity industry.

Beza on CNBC

Beza appeared on CNBC to provide insight into the growing threat of cybercrime and tips on combatting the ever-increasing cyber-attacks affecting government functions, citizens, and businesses.

Beza on SABC TV

Beza regularly provided expert insight on current cybersecurity threats and trends impacting businesses, government, and business.

International Cybersecurity Leader and Speaker

Beza B. is a dynamic and entertaining cybersecurity expert speaker and leading authority in combating cybercrime.

He is appreciated for his ability to explain complex emerging cyberthreats in straight forward and practical terms that both executives and general staff can strategically apply. He influences and guides his audiences to take action and adopt sensible security measures.


He sees what hard-core technologists can not see in business, and he sees what business executives can not see in technology, be it contemporary or legacy threats.

He has written for numerous publications and frequently provided expert insights on current security threatscape and trends to Radio and TV stations, magazines, online media, executive brief worldwide.