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Beza is a high-energy cybersecurity expert, keynote speaker, author, and thought leader with compelling real-life stories to engage audiences and create a relatable context of cybersecurity solutions.  

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When Beza speaks, he educates, energizes, and inspires; and you learn, grow, and act

Beza is not just a presenter but a persuader who has 15 years of experience crafting, implementing, and evangelizing cybersecurity and privacy protection visions, strategies, programs, and solutions to help businesses and governments achieve cybersecurity and compliance objectives. He guides organizations to design, deploy and maintain people, processes, and technology effectively to identify assets andt risk, protect assests, detect events, respond to attacks and recover from breach.

Human Error Remains the #1 cause of data breach

Beza shares his experiences from the trenches to enable and empower mitigate risks not to scare. Cyber adversaries will continue to target people this year and the years to come.

People, Processes, Technology

Beza empowers organizations with practical solutions, strategies, and skills to establish a holistic security posture balancing people, processes and technology.



Trained and Mentored

Years of Experience

state of cybersecurity

Keeping vital critical infrastructure, industrial controls systems, operational technologies, and IT systems safe from rising threats is getting complicated. Unique operational environments, access points, and a mix of legacy and new technologies on-prem and in the cloud make it challenging to have a uniform protection technique. Technology alone will not be sufficient to address the security challenges we confront. Enter SolarWinds, hundreds of organizations are on assess-remediate mode. Unquestionably, cybersecurity should be a top priority for both the public and private sectors. Beza's effort is to continue the much-needed collaboration, conversation and establish a shared vision of what security looks like to all of us.

Patching Human Vulnerabilities

Making mistakes is the core of human nature. Add that to cybersecurity fatigure, the human firewall could be breached eaily. Beza's actionable strategies help your employees to change Perceptions + Attitudes + Belief = Behavior

Inside the Mind of The Cyber Enemy

Beza brings exprience from global cybercrime hotspots to help you understand the enemy and craft effective defensive strategies.

Communicating cybersecurity agenda to senior leaders and a board

Overusing cyber jargons, cliches, and scare tactics are preventing cybersecurity from gaining executive buy-in. And this is jeopardizing security of organizations big and small. Learn Beza's actionable solutions and guidelines to close the communication gap

Cybersecurity Talent Gap Myth

Employers are looking for a cyber unicorn. Unrealistic expectations from the market looking for a CISO with python coding skills or AWS engineer with 20 years of experience are hurting organization's capability to defend themselves. Learn how to focus on recruitment and mentoring gap to effectively address manpower shortage

Emerging Cybersecurity Threats, Trends, and Solutions

Beza presents indepth analysis of current threats many oranizations are facing and actions they have to take to enhance their security posture.Beza's technical acu

Analytics and Automation to Reduce Cyber Fatigue caused by excessive alerts

With frequent alerts and 80% false positives, organizations are failing to ingest, correlate to, and respond to potential threats effectively. "Alert fatigue" is having an impact on recrutiment and retention as many cyber defenders change jobs due to burn out. How can analytics, automation, AI, and ML can help?

Beza can work with you in long-term or short-term basis

Call Beza for highly customized, jargon free advisory and speaking sessions. When Beza speaks, he educates, energizes, and inspires. You learn, grow, and act. Beza can share his knowledge and experience in a variety of different formats, such as a keynote speech, moderated conversation, Q&A, or a fireside chat. 

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In a world of fake gurus and fake “influencer” mistrust, those who break into cybersecurity have grown weary of inaccurate and unrealistic promises. I appreciate my mentors, who are luminaries of the industry, colleagues, partners, and clients, for trusting me to continue providing credible services and leadership to our insecure world.

Beza is a true cyber champion.

Prof. Mark Duke

Professor at National Defense University

Beza has considerable experience and insight into the technical technological aspects of cyber risk. He provides valuable insights and advice to a number of multi-national companies in Africa, Europe and the Americas (North, Central and South)..

Dr. Marshall Potts

Founder - Jasper Global

The Federal IT Security Conference (FITSC) was a great success! Your subject matter expertise helped make this event such a quality experience for all the attendees. We raised funds which goes to the Wounded Warrior Cyber Combat Academy to help cross train the league of the wounded warriors to become cyber security professionals.

Jim Wiggins

Executive Director - Federal IT Security Institute

Beza demonstrated to be an effective cybersecurity professional. I am glad my huge commitment to developing top cyber professionals via GW graduate programs produces high-level cybersecurity leaders like Beza.

Dr. John Sahlin

Director, Cyber Solutions - Defense, at General Dynamics & Prof. @ GW

Beza is a natural leader who has the gift of identifying each team member’s primary talents and bringing out the best in each one. He has superb problem-solving skills as well as exceptional team-building skills. He demonstrated this while I was a team member of a proejct he was managing at PBGC.

William Jones

Information System Vulnerability Analyst - SBA

Beza's professionalism, the way he works with others, and willingness to take on challenging cybersecurity problems make him an expert everyone wants to work with.

Branko Bokan

DHS, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

Areas Beza can provide advisory and speaking services

Beza's presentations influence human behavior because there is often insufficient attention paid to the" people" equation. There is just no software patch for human error. Beza believes that reducing the risk of breaches requires changing behavior and reducing the number of opportunities for people to make mistakes. His insight and presentations will enable cybersecurity programs to be exponentially more prepared and subsequently more successful in preventing and detecting breaches.

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Strategic Support to CISO's Office

Topic code and description

Cloud, Human Firewall, Deepfake, Threat Modeling

Human error is the main cause of 95% of security breaches

People are the new security perimeter.

Topic code and description

Risks, Cloud, Frameworks, ML, AI, Mobile Malware

Topic code and description

Zero Trust, Threat Intelligence, Analytics, Log4j

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M & A security, deepfake, IoT, Supply chain risks


Effectove Risk Management Framework

Cybersecurity Framework

Critical foundation for Security Architecture

Security Tools Sprawl

Technology will not be the only solution

Frequently Asked Questions

Few questions I receive from partners and prospective mentees

  • Do you provide long-term advisory services?

    Yes I can comitt to building specific capability in your organization on a long-term plan.

  • I don't promise you quick jobs, but my coaching and mentoring will help you become the type of candidate employers want to hire. I don't claim to be a guru that enables you to get a six-figure salary in 8 weeks of training. I have a professional obligation to provide accurate, realistic, and effective career guidance without exaggeration. Getting a job cutting corners is easy but maintaining is hard. Employers would know what you are made of sonner than later..

  • In a highly dynamic and changing field like cybersecurity, researching, writing, speaking, and coaching activities are critical to staying abreast of emerging attacks, threats, risks, and defense tactics. It is impossible to strengthen our nation's multi-pronged defensive posture without being active in the industry. My mentors and professors at a graduate school (GW) are top executives from fortune 500 companies and national security institutions. Benjamin Franklin once said that "if you want something done, ask a busy person." Professional development, networking in the industry, and sharing knowledge are traits of successful cybersecurity leaders.

  • It might be a niche but it took over 15 years to build it. I have Master of Engineering in Cybersecurity from George Washington University, Bachelor - MIS from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan, CISSP, CISM, CDPSE, MCSE. I am currently managing a high-value cybersecurity program for the US federal government agency in DC. Previously worked as Network Admin, IT Manager, IT consultant, CEO, College Professor, and CISO. I appeared on multiple international TVs and media to provide insight on current cybersecurity threats and trends. I research and publish cybersecurity related articles, developed and delivered security courses, briefings, and presentations in the US, Europe, The Middle East, and Africa. I have over 15 years of experience in IT and cybersecurity.

  • No, I don't travel outside of the continental US. For speaking engagements, I travel out of the District of Columbia (DC) metro area.

  • These topics can be delivered for various sectors and in diferent formats, including detailed training, board briefing, awareness sessions, fireside chat, event moderation, keynote, and content for online platforms. Delivery can be done via in-person or virtual.


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