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Beza speaks to Management

He can articulate and communicate threat and vulnerability findings and recommendations in a clear and concise manner to all levels of client organizations, from line engineers to “C” Level executives.

Beza speaks to staff

Beza explains complex emerging cyber threats in straightforward and practical terms that can be strategically applied by both executives and general staff.

Beza speaks to technical staff

He sees what hardcore technologists cannot see in business, and he sees what business executives cannot see in complex technology; be it contemporary or legacy threats.

Contact beza - beza[at]bezaspeaks.com

Speaking Rate/Keynote upto 3 hours: $5,000.00 DMV area - $10,000 out of DMV area - Please request rates for full day mater class engagement.

Beza may be available to speak at non-profit and educational events at no cost.

Beza is available to speak only in USA.

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Receiving award in Kuwait

Beza delivered a presentation on cyber warfare- lesson from Shaka Zulu warfare strategy. As cyber warfare issues moved up in the scale as the most crucial concern for national security, Beza's well researched and Zulu themed presentation excited the audience.

Beza on CNBC at Tonight

Beza gave an interview to CNBC on the growing threat of cyber crime in Africa and shared insight and tips how to combat the silent epidemic that is affecting every aspect of the economy, government and citizens of South Africa.

Beza on SABC TV

Following the hacking of a government agency, Beza gave expert interview at South African Boradcasting Corporation (SABC) how it happened and why cyber crime is a growing threat in South Africa? What must be done to effectively combat cyber crime?

Beza is a well-traveled cybersecurity expert speaker with internatinal perspective of cyber threats we are facing today. He traveled extensively to share his unique insight, to help solve challenging cybersecurity problems, and for the purpose of personal and professional development -

Europe - Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland;

Middle East: Dubai, Kuwait; Africa: South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia

USA: Based in DMV area currently - Los Angeles, San Diego, Atlanta, Orlando, Chicago, Philadelphia, Nashville, Montgomery, Richmond, New Jersey, New York City, Buffalo, Rehoboth Beach, Ocean City, Daytona Beach, Myrtle Beach....

Beza B. is known as a dynamic and entertaining cyber security expert speaker and leading authority in combating cyber crime.

He is particularly appreciated for his ability to explain complex emerging cyberthreats in straight forward and practical terms that can be strategically applied by both executives and general staff.

He clearly influences and guides his audiences to take action and adopt sensible security measures. He sees what hard core technologists can not see in business and he sees what business executives can not see in technology; be it contemporary or legacy threats.

He has written for numerous publications and frequently provided expert interviews on current security threatscape and trends to Radio, TV, magazines, online media, executive briefs & forums around the world.