Beza speaks to Management

He is able to articulate and communicate threat and vulnerability findings and recommendations in a clear and concise manner to all levels of client organizations, from line engineers to “C” Level executives.

Beza speaks to staff

Beza explains complex emerging cyberthreats in straight forward and practical terms that can be strategically applied by both executives and general staff.

Beza speaks to technical staff

He sees what hard core technologists can not see in business and he sees what business executives can not see in technology; be it contemporary or legacy threats.






As top cybersecurity thought leader, Beza’s in-depth analysis of current cyber threats, presentations addressing contemporary challenges and well thought out opinions are sought after. He has been interviewed and oftentimes quoted by major international and continental media writers, speakers, researchers and government policy makers for a decade. He is sometimes regarded as the most quoted cybersecurity expert in Africa presenting in USA, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Some weblinks to see Beza’s interview, articles and views:



Cyber Risks in Africa – October 11 2016 edition

BBC- Beza reviewed AU continental Cyber Security Framework.
Can Africa fight cybercrime and preserve human rights?,
Beza wrote a thought leadership piece on cyber risk in Africa for 48,000 global senior board executives who requested the status of cyber risk in Africa(p 136)

Global cyber crime syndicate bust in South Africa

By Tebogo Monama

Institute of security studies

ISC2 Secure Johannesburg – Keynote Speaker on Malware Analysis

Page 7

Written by: Natalie Simon

by Hans van de Groenendaal, features editor, EngineerIT

Exceptional support in data analytics

Mentions for phd student support

 Dissertation reference

Examining Media Portrayals of and Approaches to Cyber-crimes in Botswana
Liz Booth, Commercial Risk AFRICA, p8
Written by Steve Mbogo
Title of the topic : Africa at centre of cybercrime, p8

Liz Booth , Commercial Risk AFRICA

By Tyson Ngubeni

By Siyabonga Africa

By Alex Kayle,

By Tyson Ngubeni

Cyber crooks target 'untapped potential'

By Tyson Ngubeni
By Margaret Sevume,I-Network; with excerpts from James Wire, The Wire Perspective.

Written by Beza Belayneh

Insiders: The Biggest Threat to Cyber security:
If you want cyber peace, prepare for cyber war:  Mail & Guardian

Cyber Risk In Africa Summer Edition

Selected by Europe as Africa’s top expert in cyber security to write this paper