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Beza speaks to Executives

US educated and based expert with global cybersecurity experience, Beza, is able to articulate and communicate cyber threats and trends in a clear and concise manner to all levels of client organizations, from “C” Level executives to board members so that well informed and risk based decisions are made..

Beza speaks to management & staff

Beza explains complex emerging cyber trends and threats in straight forward and practical terms to both management and general staff. Beza's technical expertise in areas like web application security, networking security, malware analysis, and social engineering helps his to effectively connect these credible threat to corporate risk management plans.

Beza speaks to technical staff

He sees what hard core technologists can not see in business and he sees what business executives can not see technology; be it contemporary or legacy. With the rise of data breach in private and public sector, cybersecurity has become management's priority. Cyber security issues must be communicated to executives concisely with a relevant context.


Back in 1993, Beza, as a third-year MIS major student at Andrews University, MI, wrote a research paper on computer crime.

Through this paper, Beza wrote in detail a fascinating recount of various types of computer crimes, the modus operandi of hackers, and explored various security measures that must be in place to protect valuable information assets and systems.

Fast forward to today, in 2018, cybercrime is a highly organized and profitable global business. It has become the preferred lethal weapon for espionage and sabotage deployed by hostile state actors, organized crime syndicates, and state sponsored non-state actors.

It is growing with an alarming rate presenting unprecedented national security, political, personal, and commercial risks. 

Through the past decade, Beza has become a well-known thought leader in the cybersecurity domain. For the past 12 years, he helped nations, digital citizens, and organizations across the world to effectively combat sorts of combat cybercrime and cyber attacks.

Beza's 23 years of experience in IT and cybersecurity space gives him the edge to work with you as you enhance your cyber defense be it hardware, software, or deploying people, process, and technology.

Beza Lefebo -

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He is continuously called upon to give expert advice and insight into how to mitigate cyber risks effectively. He presented his cybersecurity research results and solution proposals at top industry events around the world.

He appeared on several international and continental print and online media such as CNBC, BBC, SABC.

Beza obtained a bachelor's degree in Information Systems from Andrews University, Michigan and is Certified Information Security Manager with a string of other industry certifications, and postgraduate qualifications. 

He stands out as a thought leader in the industry, foremost cybersecurity expert and effective cybersecurity communicator with 23 years of solid working experience in IT and cybersecurity. He traveled extensively in Africa, Europe, USA, and the Middle East.

His global experience gives him a unique perspective as to how best we can enhance our cyber defense in the US.

Beza shares his deep understanding of emerging cyber trends and threats in a unique way. He covers among several topics: AI and Machine learning in security, blockchain technology for protection, security metrics, ransomware, malware analysis, insider threats, the human factor in safety, threat modeling, new security regulation, and compliance.



The Problem With Data Security is not only the hardware and the software, It’s also the Wetware. Beza's insight helps firms to address wetware challenges.


Wetware is a term used to describe the human element of an information technology (IT) architecture or cybersecurity posture. 


Beza's engaging and memorable presentations and advisory engagements help your organization to enhance cyber resilience and effectively combat trust exploitation challenges, the most significant cause of data breach today.


Why do employees violate security policies?

Beza is current CISM since 2012 & an active member of ISACA.




Wetware can be contrasted with software, hardware, vmware, malware, ransomware and etc…, The term wetware was inspired by the fact that the human brain is composed of about 75% water. 


The term Meatware is also used to address human element of computing infrastructure.


Receiving award in Kuwait

Beza delivered a presentation in Kuwait on cyber warfare- a lesson from Shaka Zulu warfare strategy. As cyber warfare issues moved up in the scale as the most crucial concern for national security, Beza's well researched and Zulu themed presentation excited the audience.

Beza on CNBC

Beza gave an interview to CNBC on the growing threat of cybercrime in Africa and shared insight and tips on how to combat the silent epidemic that is affecting every aspect of the economy, government, and citizens.

Beza on SABC TV

Following the hacking of a government agency, Beza gave expert insight on South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) explaining how the data breach occurred and What must be done to enhance cyber defense effectively.

Beza is a well-traveled cybersecurity expert speaker with internatinal perspective of cyber threats we are facing today. He traveled extensively to share his unique insight, to help solve challenging cybersecurity problems, and for the purpose of personal and professional development -

Europe - Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland;

Middle East: Dubai, Kuwait; Africa: South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia

USA: Based in DMV area currently - Los Angeles, San Diego, Atlanta, Orlando, Tallahassee, Chicago, Philadelphia, Nashville, Montgomery, Richmond, New Jersey, New York City, Buffalo, Rehoboth Beach, Ocean City, Daytona Beach, Myrtle Beach....

What I care about - The effective orchestration of people, process, and technology to establish protective, detective and recovery controls that mitigate risks arising from unauthorized disclosure, modification, and deletion of information assets so that confidentiality, integrity, and availability are maintained.

- Empowering young digital citizens to stay safe online

- Encourage young people to get into cybersecurity field

- Empowering digital citizens to protect themselves online

- Empowering digital citizens to communicae online securely

- Empower organizations to defend thier valuable information assets

- Empower information security professionals to effectively community with executive management

Beza Lefebo (aka Beza B) is known as a dynamic and entertaining cybersecurity expert speaker and leading authority in combating cybercrime and establishing cyber resilience. He uses practical examples and experiences to communicate all types of emerging cybersecurity threats and trends easily.

He has written for numerous publications and frequently provided expert interviews on current security threatscape and trends to Radio, TV, magazines, online media, executive briefs & forums around the world.